kritische eigenschappen sales professionals

7 most critical characteristics for selecting Sales

Only 20-30% of Sales Professionals consistently meet or exceed their goals. The likelihood of a Sales Professional being successful appears to be low. In selection psychology, we speak of a low base rate: few people are suitable. This is reflected in the poor conversions of the recruitment funnel.

8 tips to avoid bias in selection

Bias in your selection that’s what you want to avoid, right? How do you set up a selection process that is as fair as possible? Bias comes from systematic errors in judgment during the selection process.

Are you missing out on top talent?

Are you missing out on top talent? Once again, it’s all over the news. Shortage of this, not enough of that. Whereas in the past it was just the IT

Integriteit gaat om een afweging van belangen

Select candidates on integrity

Integrity damage can be caused by anyone. With assessment instruments you can map integrity risks. An overview. Read more on this blog.

Candidate Experience

candidate experience and quality of hire

Does the candidate experience harm quality of hire? In a time of considerable scarcity on the labor market, the candidate experience is of great importance, right? All barriers that a

Assessment games: 3 pitfalls to avoid

Assessment games: 3 pitfalls to avoid Assessment games and recruitment games have been used for several years for recruiting talent and for making a preselection of candidates. However, developing and