Assessment themes

Assessment themes to source, select, and develop talent

To stay ahead, the best people should do the most complex work. Only then will your company go faster than the competition. Starcheck provides psychological research, data, tools, and analyses to match the best talent with the right work and accelerate your business. Starcheck uses a smart mix of new and proven tools and methods.

This enables us to increase the chance of success when selecting and developing talent. We can carry out your entire assessment process: from A to Z. Or we can support you in your own assessment process with design, advice, and training.



pre-assessment is an offensive assessment. This assessment is taken online before or just after the sourcing process. The pre-assessment helps to qualify candidates at an early stage.

Improved recruitment funnel

With a pre-assessment, you can estimate whether candidates are sufficiently suitable to participate in a more extensive (online) assessment, an interview, or a recruitment event. This allows recruitment to spend more time on candidates that really matter, and the quality of the recruitment funnel increases.


Moreover, a pre-assessment provides good feedback to a candidate. As a result, a pre-assessment offers constructive feedback and a good candidate experience.

Selection assessment


Performance is easy to predict. It’s our profession to predict someone’s future performance with the help of assessment. We use more than 60 scientifically-validated psychometric tools in 40 languages that always provide a clear prediction of suitability potential quickly. We supply assessments for every position and in every language. We can offer assessments full service, or you can execute online assessments yourself with our in-house assessment solution.


Reports of selection assessments are possible per task area and result area, according to responsibilities and focus on competencies. The online assessment tests can be combined easily with online serious games, offline role plays, or interviews for a deeper-based assessment and prediction. Your selection should be based on facts and systematically collected evidence and not on an impression.

Team assessment

More dynamics in work

More and more employees work in continuously changing teams on new problems, assignments, and innovations. Each unique problem, assignment, or innovation requires a specific team composition in which team members complement and reinforce each other to achieve maximum success.

Collective Intelligence

The unique characteristic of successful teams is that the combined problem-solving ability of the team exceeds the average problem-solving ability of the individual team members. This is called collective intelligence. Scientific evidence has already firmly established that collective intelligence is the best predictor of a team’s problem-solving ability.


To gain insight into the collective intelligence of existing and newly formed teams, we developed a SaaS solution, Team-composer. Use Team-composer to build collective intelligent teams, reduce employee turnover, let team members complement each other, and improve team performance.

Learning agility

Keep moving

We admit: it sounds pedantic. But people who stand still will fall behind. That simple adage applies to people and organizations. In a competitive market, standing still is not an option. After all, the competition doesn’t. Constant change requires vision and leadership. And puts urgency on the employability of professionals.

Mapping out drive and ability

Do employees have the drive and ability to be agile, seek out challenges, perform under pressure, learn quickly, share lessons, and apply them in ever-changing situations?

Our Learning Agility Assessment maps exactly that with online and offline tools. And we can do it quickly. Contact us to explore the customized process.

CxO assessment

Intuition alone is too risky

For a long time, the selection of a CxO was decided otherwise. Two gentlemen were facing each other, a bottle of wine, lobster. Then, over coffee with cognac, the deal was done. That’s the CxO assessment old school. The average CxO is now a lot younger, as is the headhunter who finds them. And we’re a lot further along now with science-based assessments. In putting together our assessment programs, we can consider the organization’s life stage, stakeholder interests, goals, strategy, or lack thereof.

Data-based and futureproof

We regularly conduct CxO assessments on behalf of reputable headhunters and large corporations. We look at the context, scope, and strategic leadership characteristics. Confidentiality, of course, is as important as ever. So we won’t name names here for a while.

Leadership potential

Recognize at an early stage

Leadership is a quality you can recognize long before it blossoms. So who are the high potentials in your organization? Starcheck uses a renowned model from Harvard Business Review to identify young talent and future leaders.

Develop with focus

An analysis of more than 20,000 executives shows that leadership potential develops around 6 skills, each with 2 essential competencies. We measure these online using scientifically-validated psychometric tools. Then, these results are tested in an in-depth interview. This comprehensive approach to assessing leadership potential ensures you know who will take your company forward and how.

High volume assessment

Quality with quantity

If one rod isn’t enough, use a trolling net. But how do you ensure quality with quantity? How do you avoid bycatch and congestion in your funnel? Starcheck has solutions for high volume in sourcing and recruitment. That is high volume assessment with over 60 scientifically validated psychometric instruments in 40 languages, of which we can fully automate online collection and reporting.

More time due to quality

So with high volume assessment, you save time and unnecessary interviews and get better quality in the recruitment funnel. And you can spend more time on candidates who matter. If you want to fish smart, partner with us.

Read more about high volume assessment at ABNAMRO or our blog.

Emotional intelligence

Self-knowledge as a talent

Self-knowledge is a talent. In decisions, emotion often plays as big a role as logic. Traditionally, non-profit organizations and educational institutions like to have EQ considered. But high-tech organizations also increasingly want EQ mapped.

Developing self-knowledge

We show you how emotional intelligence affects 22 relevant competencies in candidates. Does it contribute to their development, or does it hinder it? This is a valuable insight that further sharpens your efforts to develop talent.

Development assessment

Matching career opportunities

A development assessment of Starcheck is enlightening and inspiring. This type of assessment is not about suitable / not suitable. It is about which potential offers which career opportunities.

Addresses start and goal

With a development assessment, we map out the qualities and development possibilities of an applicant or employee. We advise which role is most suitable, which competencies can be developed, or remove doubts about the next step. A development assessment is usually at the beginning of the development stage. It provides insight into development paths and development resources. In this way, development gets a clear start and a clear goal.

Organizational change

New roles, new teams

When your organization changes, what does that mean for your team? After all, the team has to migrate to a new setup. Perhaps with roles, you don’t have performance data. Are players moving from the field to the bench, are gaps created somewhere, is everyone fit for the new challenge, or does the training have to be different?

Ensuring acceptance

Our assessments provide insight into the ideal setup for change. We locate resistance, encourage participation, take on project management, and provide high-quality management information.


Learn to stand up

Being made redundant can feel like a knockout blow to the jaw. Lying on the canvas is not the best position to consider your career prospects.

Starcheck career consultants are trained to help you pick yourself up and come out fighting. In addition, they can advise you on the best next step: outplacement, a career assessment, or a cross-referral.

Starcheck career consultants are qualified personal coaches with extensive experience in outplacement.

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