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Assessment themes

Sourcing, selecting and developing talent with Starcheck

To stay ahead, the best people should be doing the most complex work. Only then, your company will go faster than the competition. Starcheck provides psychological research, data, tools and analyzes to match the best talent with the right work. To accelerate your business. Starcheck uses a smart mix of new and proven tools and methods.

This enables us to increase the chance of success when selecting and developing talent. We can carry out your entire assessment process: from A to Z. Or we can support you in your own assessment process with design, advice and training.


A pre-assessment is an offensive way to asses candidates. This assessment is conducted online and at an early stage. For example during sourcing or during the pre-recruitment process.

With a pre-assessment you can estimate whether candidates are sufficiently suitable to participate in a more extensive (online) assessment, or an interview or, for example, a recruitment event. This allows recruitment to spend more time on candidates that really matter and the quality of recruitment funnel increases.

Moreover, a pre-assessment provides good feedback to a candidate. As a result, a pre-assessment offers a good candidate experience.

Selection assessment

Performance is easy to predict. It’s our job to predict someone’s future performance with the help of assessment. We use more than 60 scientifically-validated psychometric tools in 40 languages that always provide a clear prediction of suitability potential, quickly. We supply assessments for every position and in every language. We can offer assessments full service, or you can execute online assessments yourself with our in-house assessment solution.

Reports of selection assessments are possible per task area, results area, according to responsibilities and focussed on competencies. The online assessment tests can be combined easily with online serious games, offline role plays, or interviews, for a deeper-based assessment and prediction. Your selection should be based on facts and systematically collected evidence and not on an impression.

Team assessment

In the past, employees could perform the same job for up to 10-20 years. Nowadays, more and more employees are working in ever-changing teams on new problems and innovations. Linking employees to projects and employees to each other becomes an essential organizational skill.

Starcheck has developed an assessment program with which optimal teams can be put together. Potential team members are not only tested for suitability for the assignment but also for expected collective performance.

In this way, effective teams are composed based on relevant psychological constructs, without bias, and maximum diversity. And team members can work together with confidence and pleasure on their team assignment.

Learning agility

If you don’t keep moving, you stagnate. This simple saying applies to organizations and individuals alike. In a competitive market, stagnation is not an option. Because standing still means going backwards, to use another aphorism.

Which of your employees have the will and the ability to stay mobile, take on new challenges, perform under pressure, learn quickly, share what they have learnt and apply this in constantly new situations?

Our Learning Agility Assessment incorporates online and offline tools to enable you to see this. Quickly!

CxO assessment

For generations, selecting a successor or CxO was done behind the scenes, on the golf course or over a glass of claret. The old-boys’ networks led to many a CxO appointment.

Today, the average CxO is somewhat younger. As is the headhunter out looking for them. And now we’re further on with psychometric testing future leaders. We put together test programmes that take into consideration the phase of your organization, the interests of stakeholders, the target and direction, or lack thereof.

We carry out numerous assessment for CxO positions, on behalf of renowned headhunters and leading companies. We look at the context, scope and strategic leadership characteristics. But, confidentiality is still as important as it used to be. So, we won’t mention any names.

Leadership potential

Leadership is a quality you can recognize long before it blossoms. Who are the high potentials in your organization? Starcheck uses a renowned model from Harvard Business Review to identify young talent and future leaders.

An analysis of more than 20,000 executives shows that leadership potential develops around 6 skills, each with 2 essential competences. We measure these online using scientifically-validated psychometric tools. These results are tested in an in-depth interview. This comprehensive approach to assessing leadership potential ensure you know who will take your company forward, and how.

High volume assessment

When a fishing rod isn’t enough, you may need to use a trawl net. But how do you find the quality candidates within such high quantities? How do you avoid unwanted bycatch? Starcheck has assessment solutions for large volumes in sourcing and recruitment. With high volume assessments we can prevent congestion in your funnel due to bycatch and you save a lot of time, unnecessary interviews and you get better quality in the recruitment funnel.

Learn more about high volume assessment and read our case at ABNAMRO or our blog.

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Knowledge creates talent. But self-knowledge is also known to play a key role. When making decisions, emotion is often just as important as logic. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions, in particular, like to take into account not only the IQ, but also the EQ of their staff.

Starcheck EQ testing shows you how emotional intelligence in candidates can influence 22 relevant competences. Will a candidate’s EQ contribute to their development, or actually hold them back? This invaluable additional insight will further refine your efforts to develop the talent in your organization

Development assessment

A development assessment of Starcheck is enlightening and inspiring. This type of assessment is not about suitable / not suitable. It is about which potential offers which career opportunities.

With a development assessment, we map out the qualities and development possibilities of an applicant or employee. We advise which role is most suitable, which competencies can be developed, or remove doubts about the next step. A development assessment is usually at the beginning of the development stage. It provides insight into development paths and development resources. In this way, development gets a clear start and a clear goal.

Organizational change

What impact will a reorganization have on your team? Do you need to swop positions around the field? Who should move to the substitutes’ bench? Are there any gaps in the formation? Is everyone ready for a new challenge, or do you need to change your training methods?

Starcheck helps teams and organizations of all sizes in designing and implementing assessments that will give you the insight you need in order to put together the winning formation of your new team following organizational change. We take into account any internal resistance as well as the considerations of the Works Council. If required, we can manage the entire project and provide you with comprehensive management information throughout the process.


Being made redundant can feel like a knock-out blow to the jaw. Lying on the canvas is not the best position from which to consider your career prospects.

This is why Starcheck career consultants are trained in helping you pick yourself up and come out fighting. They can advise you on the best next step: outplacement, a career assessment or a referral.

Starcheck career consultants are qualified personal coaches, with extensive experience in outplacement.

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