Growing with the right talent

Growing with the right talent

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Starcheck talent assessment


Do you want to have a selection assessment carried out? Or do you have a complex development question?

We offer full-service assessments for every kind of situation. Fast and professional. We work exclusively with scientifically validated tests and questionnaires. And our NIP psychologists have extensive experience.

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Talent assessment

Do you frequently use assessments to identify potential? Then, take control and use one of our digital solutions.

We have digital assessment tools for individual assessments and optimal team composition. Moreover, we can support you with advice and training.

Save costs, take the lead, and make sound talent decisions based on more data.

Talent Acquisitie Programma's

Selecting accurately is one thing, but being able to recruit successfully is two. After all, you can’t select better than you recruit.

We help organizations improve their talent pipeline qualitatively and quantitatively. With improvement programs, marketing insights, psychological profiles, insights into candidate journeys, and by fully integrating selection into a learning orientation experience for the candidate.

Why Starcheck talent assessment?

Expertise in talent acquisition and assessment under one umbrella

Talent acquisition and selection can be an extension of each other, but they can also be opposites. In our team, experienced assessment specialists work together with TA specialists. For integrated solutions and with a candidate journey that is meaningful, educational, and relevant. And, of course, delivers the right talent.

We make organizations stronger

What talent do you need to be more competitive two years from now? How do you identify that? What target groups do you need to attract? What criteria are essential to select? How do we engage and train our hiring managers? As business psychologists, we help with answers and make your organization stronger and ready for the future.

For teams
and individuals

Whether it’s about one person for one talent decision or a combination of talent for one team assignment, Starcheck predicts performance for individuals and teams. Because the issues are so different, we have two different tools for individuals and teams.

E-book: The power of collectivity

How psychology makes teamwork work

With these psychological insights, teams perform better with more team chemistry

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