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Assessment in Eindhoven

Do you need an assessment in Eindhoven? Starcheck predicts employee performance using online assessments, interviews, simulations, games, and clear reporting. Many nationalities work in and around Eindhoven.

Technology and innovation are key to the region, and the regional labour market is extremely dynamic. Technical talent is scarce. How can talent assessment help solve this?

1. Using talent assessment as a selection tool

Due to the current shortages on the labour market, particularly for technical personnel, you have no choice but to recruit further afield. After all, continuing to search for the mythical perfect applicant produces far too few candidates. You will have to look elsewhere for technical talent. Abroad, for example. Or search for candidates with different experience. You will be forced to make the odd compromise and compromise leads to extra risks for your recruitment.

That is exactly the point at which assessment has been shown to have added value. By carrying out a selection assessment, we can predict someone’s performance, mapping out the risks so that your organization can anticipate them. By focussed coaching, training or a course, for example. A selection assessment allows you to make rational selection decisions. This makes more sense than simply hoping that it will all work out

Starcheck can measure if your candidate (technical or otherwise) has enough analytical skills to take your organization to the next level. We can also assess how well their personality structure and motivations match the position. We can even assess how sensitive they are to frustrating setbacks and how they express those feelings. That is exceptionally useful for whoever has to manage them.

Starcheck can even measure the potential for innovation in a psychometrically valid way. Innovation potential combined with technical/analytical skill: that’s what Eindhoven is all about. And if you need to find your technical talent from far away, we can carry out assessments in 40 languages, all online; incredibly useful to do before you decide to fly them over for selection interviews.

2. Talent assessment as a marketing tool for talent acquisition.

Using self-assessment and pre-assessment allows you to positively influence both the number of candidates and the candidates’ quality in the recruitment funnel. These are short online assessments that can produce a great deal of useful information. Online self-assessment is used to help potential job seekers to greater self-knowledge. Self-assessment improves your organization’s brand awareness with latent job seekers. Online pre-assessment gives you a fast way of filtering to leave only the best candidates, hence increasing the quality of candidates invited for an interview.

Eindhoven populair bij expats
City for expats: Eindhoven

3. Assessment in Eindhoven for foreign candidates

Ability test scores will be affected if candidates cannot take such a test in their native language. Many companies in the Eindhoven region recruit staff from abroad. And before foreign candidates are flown in, an online assessment is often taken first. Starcheck can administer tests and questionnaires in 40 languages. This allows candidates to take tests in their native language, and intellectual potential is mapped out to the maximum (accurately).

Techniek, design en kennis
Eindhoven: technology, design and knowledge

4. Using talent assessment as a staff development tool

When is a member of staff ready to take on a management position? Particularly in a technical environment, this can be an awkward dilemma because, on the one hand, technical staff will only accept the leadership of someone with a technical background, but on the other hand, many technical managers get into difficulties with people management. The consequences of an incorrect promotion are well-known: if someone who performs well is promoted to a management position, you run the risk of appointing a bad manager while at the same time losing a good member of staff. 

Starcheck helps organizations and staff members with this dilemma by conducting development-oriented assessments. Using a development-oriented assessment, Starcheck can investigate whether it is worthwhile promoting your member of staff. If it is, what could be and should be developed and how can you help in a targeted way? Naturally there are many other questions related to staff development that we can help you with. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out whether your staff could develop and how.

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