What is a pré-assessment

A pre-assessment is a short online assessment and is part of a phased assessment program. This allows you to test whether candidates are sufficiently suitable to participate in a more extensive (online) assessment, an interview, or a recruitment event. A pre-assessment is taken early in the talent acquisition process. A participant can take a pre-assessment in 10-20 minutes.

“With a pre-assessment, you can quickly and automatically decide whether a candidate meets the minimum requirements. It allows you to manage the quality of your funnel optimally”

What information does a pre-assessment provide?

The test results give an unequivocal yes / no result: we will or will not continue with this candidate. Usually, this assessment is aimed at discovering analytical potential or one essential analytical skill. These are mainly psychometric constructs that are strongly related to competencies that are difficult to develop.

Zelf assessments verbeteren de kwaliteit van de recruitment funnel
“A pre-assessment is usually part of a step-by-step assessment. Candidates who meet the cut-off score of the pre-assessment will take the other components later in the application process. Collecting data step by step gives you a complete picture of the candidate. ”

When to use a pré assessment?

If sourcing and recruiting in small, scarce target groups yield poor results, you can also recruit in adjacent target groups. You will then recruit more widely and get more volume in your recruitment funnel. However, on average, these candidates will match less with your criteria. For example, the work experience of these candidates is probably not relevant. That is why you have to select for potential. Traditional selection based on a CV makes no sense.

If you do not, the workload for your organization and the risks of a mis-hire will increase. You can limit these risks using an online pre-assessment without reducing the candidate experience (CX).

Pré-assessment is voor wakkere vogels
“Many candidates would like to learn from an application. Your organization contributes to the Candidate Experience (CX) by offering educational feedback from a pre-assessment. “
Leerzame feedback zorgt voor een goede candidate experience

How much does this assessment cost?

The costs per online pre-assessment depend highly on the recruitment volumes and vary from a few euros to tens of euros each. Contact us to explore your specific options.

What are the advantages of a pre-assessment?

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