Assessment gamification

We combine our experience with games with our know-how in psychology

Discovering and developing talent is no small game. But proper use of serious games gives you an immediate edge in the war for talent. In sourcing, recruitment, and talent development, serious games are attractive and innovative tools.

Starcheck designs Psychometric Attribute Measurement Systems (PAMs) for serious games.

We do this for HR departments and game developers.

With PAMs, we translate psychology into relevant and measurable concepts for recruitment games, situational judgment tests, and assessment games. This way, we ensure that you and your candidates score profound insights with serious gaming.

Starcheck designs relevant concepts and guides procurement and construction of:

Recruitment games

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Assessment games

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Situational judgement test

PAM for games

The graphics are what make a game cool. That’s what design studios are for. And PAM is what makes a game useful. And that’s what we develop at Starcheck. PAM stands for Psychometric Attribute Measurement system. We know it sounds nerdy, and it is. But it’s important to know what you want to achieve with serious gaming.

To assess behavior, we combine proven concepts from psychology with great gaming concepts. We develop innovative ways to gamify psychometric values so that serious games can provide valid insights and results for sourcing, recruitment, and talent development. We determine which information is sent to the back end while playing the game and what feedback the player receives.

We design PAMs for game designers and their clients.

Gaining with gaming

Students and young professionals are eager to work on their development. Especially when they know which competencies require attention. They would like to do this in their own time and in a way that appeals to them.

For example, with serious gaming. Starcheck assessment lab developed a game platform where students can train their competencies for more than 20 hours. And where they receive competency-based feedback after each game. It is an ideal preparation for an internship, a graduation project, or a new job.

Met DEX konden studenten competenties trainen

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