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Sourcing involves actively searching for qualified candidates before there is actually a job opening. It primarily consists of identifying, approaching, and engaging potential candidates through various channels such as LinkedIn, databases, professional networks, and events. Sourcing focuses more on passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job but may be interested when the right opportunity opens up. The goal of sourcing is to build a talent pool so that suitable candidates are readily available when a vacancy arises.

Recruitment covers the broader process of attracting, selecting, and appointing suitable candidates for specific job openings. The recruitment process often starts where sourcing ends and may include applying, interviewing, reviewing, and finally hiring. Recruitment handles job postings from start to finish, including posting vacancies, screening applications, conducting interviews, conducting assessments, negotiating terms of employment, and onboarding new employees.

A career is not just a series of jobs that one performs but also a personal development path where skills, knowledge, and expertise evolve. This includes formal aspects such as education and training and informal learning experiences such as skills gained on the job or through mentoring.

Career development is a dynamic process influenced by personal choices, economic conditions, and organizational changes. 

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