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Effective teams and increased job satisfaction thanks to collective intelligence

Optimize team performance

With Team-composer, you can put together optimal teams for every conceivable assignment. We have developed Team composer’s algorithms on collective intelligence and scientifically proven concepts. With Team-composer, you can rank and customize all possible combinations of team members. This way, you create teams that perform better, and members enjoy their work even more.

het beste team stel je samen met team-composer
bepaal de context van je team opdracht

Assignment as a starting point

An optimal team must fit the assignment. With a specially developed wizard, you can map out your team assignment. In this way, Team-composer learns in which context it must form the team. In addition, Team-composer warns of a mission impossible. These warnings allow your team to start under the right conditions right from the start.

Data-driven and privacy first

To put together optimal teams, candidates make an assessment. We have designed a special assessment to position candidates within a team. The assessment data is only available to candidates and gives helpful feedback. The team manager only sees the match percentage with their team assignment. This way, teams are composed based on lots of data (evidence), and your organization can still optimally guarantee privacy.

speciaal voor teams ontwikkelt assessment
Diversiteit in teams


Diversity is not only desirable socially but also functionally. Our algorithms match various aspects of diversity with the nature of the assignment. Age, gender, knowledge, and cognitive diversity: Team-composer ensures you everyone is included.


View all possible teams and their team score. Then, scroll, pin, or add candidates. Whatever you change, Team-composer continuously calculates all conceivable combinations of team members. Then, with the insights from Team-composer, you put together the best team. The intuitive interface helps you build the best team.

kies je team met team-composer

How does team-composer work

beschrijf de opdracht van je team

Describe the team assignment, and add a title and description. The clearer the description, the more interest among candidate team members. Continue to the next step (context).

beschrijf de omstandigheden van je team

Answer the nine context questions. Multiple choice, easy and fast. Read the tips of Team-composer and adjust the circumstances, if necessary, under which the team has to operate.

nodig kandidaten uit om een team te formeren

Invite candidates you want to select for your team. Invited candidates can read the description and indicate their interest.

toestemming geven

Candidates complete the assessment and their profile. Team-composer can only use data from candidates with their consent.

stel je team samen

As a team manager, you can now compose the team. Choose team one if you follow the advice of Team-composer. Or make changes and view the team score. Is your team complete? Follow the steps to reject the remaining candidates.

Build teams based on collective intelligence

Team-composer ® is powered by Starcheck’s assessment-lab.

E-book: The power of collectivity

How psychology makes teamwork work

With these psychological insights, teams perform better with more team chemistry

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