Assessment-lab: psychology for games and AI applications

Let’s face it: we still rely on resumes, multiple unstructured interviews, and assessment forms completed by one person. The recruitment process burns a lot of man-hours and does not provide enough predictive data for reliable recruitment and selection decisions. This results in too many bad hires and insufficient top talent in the recruitment pipeline.


Starcheck’s assessment-lab develops assessment concepts, psychometrics, and algorithms for game and AI applications. With this, we help our clients make data-driven talent decisions that predict much better, cost fewer man hours and deliver a positive candidate experience.

“Combine the precision and speed of artificial intelligence with the creativity and ingenuity of people, and you have a perfect duo”

Assessment-lab develops decision-supporting algorithms

We do this through validation research and data analysis. We link performance to psychological data to get a clearer picture of your target group. This gives you precise insight into the psychological characteristics of your target group. Moreover, we simulate the volumes and conversion ratios in the recruitment funnel if selection criteria and standards change.

This allows you to adjust personas, recruit in a more targeted way and organize your selection process better. The recruitment organization is burdened less, and the quality of the funnel increases.

assessment-lab ontwikkelt assessment concepten

Assessment-lab develops psychometric expert systems

We translate psychological expert knowledge into algorithms and software with which assessment problems can be solved. With the virtual psychologist, you can do more yourself and save a lot of costs. Starcheck develops the core of the expert system and engages partners if necessary.

We provide input from the psychology assessment and our partners from IT, gaming, and AI. So we are used to working together with software engineers, AI specialists, and game designers.

assessment concepten psychometrie en algoritmen

Assessment-lab develops psychometric game concepts

Games and gamification ensure that psychological assessments are fun to make. After all, Candidate Experience is key. And for certain target groups, gaming contributes to a positive candidate experience.

In recruitment, games are often used for sourcing, talent acquisition, and self-selection. That is the right time to collect relevant psychometric data. Talent decisions are then based on data and reliable predictions. Starcheck provides meaningful psychological concepts for games and modified applications.

data gedreven talent beslissingen

“People continue to make decisions about people, augmented by technology”

Assessment-lab, how does it work?

Within the assessment-lab, we work together with clients and knowledge partners. Here we realize psychometric expert systems and learning systems that are used for sourcing, recruitment, or development activities.

Assessment-lab is particularly suitable for:

Assessment-lab is not a pure consultancy activity. We take an entrepreneurial approach with regard to projects that entail more risk due to their innovative nature. Then we make customized agreements about IP and variable, more future-oriented business models.

Psychologisch concept vertaalt naar psychometrisch meetsysteem

“Machines are not a threat. They are an extension and provide more insight to make better decisions faster. “

Cases assessment lab

Virtual psychologist

This virtual psychologist helps with compiling profiles, determining norm groups, compiling test programs in advance, and generating reports afterward. This allows users, based on job profiles, to immediately send relevant assessment programs to candidates.

Personality characteristics from games

As a game, assessments are especially fun. That’s good for the Candidate’s Experience. And also interesting for our client, who can see how candidates score on psychological items such as flexibility, ingenuity, and decisiveness. Learn more about the difference between assessment games and recruitment games.

Practicing competencies in short virtual internships

Starcheck developed a game portal that allows students to practice various competencies in a set of different serious games. As a gamer, you can follow your developments in your personal competence dashboard. This way, you can follow live which competencies you have trained and which competencies you still have to work on.

Learning from performance data

With (online) assessments, we can predict behavior (potential). It only becomes really interesting if we can subsequently compare work performance with potential. Starcheck provides insights into these relationships with different target groups (functions) for various customers. And we help in precisely determining critical selection criteria.

Collective intelligence to compose teams

Teams with high collective intelligence perform better. Starcheck has developed team-composer ® to build teams based on collective intelligence. This online tool maps the team assignment, delivers a specially designed assessment to potential team members, and guides the assembly process with an intuitive interface.

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