7 differences between recruitment games and assessment games

What are the main differences between recruitment- and assessment games and why is it important to understand those differences?

1. Goal: marketing vs. selection

Ironically, a recruitment game is actually a sourcing activity, whereas an assessment game is more suited to the recruitment phase.

2. Selective mechanism: self-selection vs. informed decision

3. How can I measure effectiveness? Conversion vs. validation

4. Building a game: grand design vs. iterative approach

5. Costs of building: graphics vs. calibration

6. Who builds it? Serious gaming studio vs. test publisher

7. Who is it for? Early majority versus early innovators

Why is it important to make this distinction between recruitment- and assessment games?

In general, developing a serious online game is not cheap. Before you invest, it is a good idea to know what you expect to achieve with it. What is realistic? How are you going to spend your budget? Positioning your company attractively on the job market, making high rates of conversion from pre-applicants to applicants and subsequently having a validated method for predicting which of those can successfully do the job; it all sounds almost too good to be true. And it is; the industry hasn’t reached that point yet, but it is the holy grail. However, do you want to be the Indiana Jones who dares to take that risk?

  1. Can I combine a recruitment game and an assessment game? The answer comes in two parts:

    1. Why would you want to? The added value of a recruitment game on its own can already be enormous. Predicting successful candidates can then be done perfectly well using psychometric testing. That is precisely its added value. Don’t make it too complicated; gaining more experience and continually developing is the way to go.
    2. If you want to start using assessment gaming, decide first what you want to measure. Keep it simple. Choose one or at the most a few constructs and try to validate those so that you are sure that what you are doing is worthwhile.

    Cross-over effects?
    This is possible; an assessment game can also lead to more volume in the recruitment funnel. Especially if the game has a high fun factor or provides real relevant feedback to your target population. However, you should view this as an added bonus. If you deliberately set this as your goal, you are spreading your focus too wide.

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