Design a Successful Talent Acquisition Program

At the same time, engaging your staff and moderately selecting is like fighting a losing battle. After all, to retain people, you need new talented colleagues. However, with a well-thought-out talent acquisition program, you can systematically attract, select, and onboard (top) talent in your organization.

Recruitment at times of scarcity

Job openings are annoying. Moderately filled vacancies are even more annoying. A “bad hire” is expensive: an average of three-quarters of a year’s salary. Moreover, bad hires cause turnover among high performers. And that harms the work atmosphere and morale. You don’t want to get into that vicious circle. So the quality of hire remains essential, even in times of scarcity.

To successfully attract talent in times of scarcity, it is wise to think about the basics: talent planning, branding, positioning, target groups, personas, candidate journeys, etc. All those things need to be in place before you start talent acquisition.

Talent is schaars

“You can’t grow with lots of vacancies and poor performers”


Talent Acquisition Starts at the Basics

Sure, recruitment has more challenges than about 4-5 years ago. The market for talent is a lot scarcer, or conversely, the competition between employers has increased significantly. You cannot solve the scarcity alone, but you can differentiate yourself as an employer. To adequately tackle Talent Acquisition, Starcheck has various programs available. We guide our clients through all the topics to roll out a successful talent acquisition approach.

“You cannot solve the scarcity alone, but you can differentiate yourself as an employer”

Fundamentally better recruiting

Structurally better recruiting sounds easier than it is. Sure, there are quick wins to gain in the short term. But talent acquisition also requires change. It is about process change and how hiring managers, recruitment, HR management, and general management approach and select candidates. Talent acquisition requires a collective action of the organization in which everyone has a role to play in attracting new talented colleagues. We guide our clients through this change: from vision to training; from strategy to operation; from proposition to selection; from journey to process.

Talent acquisitie programma ontwikkelen met de 8 P's

“Marketing and psychology go great together, especially when looking for talent”

Talent acquisitie programma

Talent Acquisition Program is tailor-made

The range of recruitment tooling has grown tremendously. But which tools match the ideal candidate’s journey? There is plenty of checklists on Indeed. But which actions are relevant for your target group(s)? And which profiles fit the future skillset of your organization? Talent acquisition is tailor-made and specific to your organization’s direction, pace, and possibilities. We help organizations set up talent acquisition programs that fit your needs and capabilities.

Setting up Talent Acquisition with Starcheck

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