Two opportunities for recruitment and selection during Corona crisis

The Corona crisis caused much discomfort and many concerns as well. But it also offers new insights and opportunities. Less traffic (the NS reports 85% fewer travelers), less activity, and cleaner air, for example. Also, opportunities for recruitment and selection. In this blog, I will give you two concrete options that can be realized quickly.

The Corona crisis as a vacuum

The Corona crisis will be temporary; see also Professor Arnoud Boot in Buitenhof (from 1:50 min). That means we are now in a vacuum. And we can take actions that will allow us to ride the wave of economic growth in the future (it is impossible to predict when). I have listed 2 opportunities that can ensure a better influx of talent and innovation in the recruitment and selection process.

“Over 1/3 of latent job seekers think about their current job and desired career during summer vacations.”

1. Opportunity for recruitment: building relationships with latent seekers

In the field of recruitment and selection, there are opportunities up here. Many professionals (fix and flex) will be glued to their home offices in the coming weeks. By working from home, many professionals step out of the daily hectic, allowing more time for evaluation, self-reflection, and developing other thoughts about work. Issues that were not prioritized a week ago (due to all the hustle and bustle) can now be seriously considered in the coming days and weeks.

For recruiters, now is the time to present relevant propositions to latent seekers.

2. Opportunity for selection: alternatives for the job interview

Currently, people avoid f2f contact as much as possible. Moreover, people work at home, happen to have a cold, are abroad and cannot return, etc. Job interviews are, as a result, difficult to organize. What alternatives are there? I will mention a few:

The online pre-assessment: a short online test that measures an essential trait and generates a learning experience for the applicant. Delivers a clear pass/fail decision. Inexpensive, clear, and reduces the number of f2f interviews.

The online assessment: provides more and broader information about intellect, personality, and motivations. And related behavioral competencies. A perfect preparation for an (online) interview. Without personal contact, you receive information that an interview will never provide. Usually cheaper than the interview itself.

Video: conducting interviews with video. Numerous platforms, such as Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, or Cisco’s Webex, are available. During the video call, you can discuss, for example, the results of an online assessment.

Video interview

And after that? Do you organize f2f contact? Sure. Collaboration remains people’s work. But at the end of the selection process. You will have avoided personal contact with all the rejected candidates by then. And you can pay full attention to the talent you want to hire.

It has long been known that unstructured interviews, in particular, need more reliable information based on which you could predict performance. Now that f2f contacts are less popular, it’s an excellent time to try something else!

“The job application process is basically a cycle in which you gather as much evidence as possible about whether someone will be able to be successful. This goes beyond an impression.”

Opportunities for recruitment and selection - in conclusion

Are you having a calmer time than usual? Go crazy, do things differently. Innovate and launch small pilots to improve recruitment and selection. And especially if you want to recruit talented medior and senior professionals, now is the time to take action.

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