Read the interview with Gert-Jan van Meer below. He is Manager Corporate Recruitment at Ordina and has his own vision on the role of assessment as a part of the recruitment proces.

Question: How do you know about Starcheck?

I’ve known Marco van Aarle for many years in his role as a strategic consultant in assessments and selection. Marco was also involved in the redesign of our assessment landscape. From the initial design, to the final layout and user training. The new online tooling has enabled us to become more flexible and the candidate experience has improved considerably. Marco has supported us professionally on the entire journey. He understands the full potential of every aspect of the assessment landscape and reacts to new trends quickly and effectively.

When Marco founded Starcheck, I continued our partnership. Not least because Marco’s own passion for accurate talent assessment and his skill in his work is reflected in the rest of the team. And these are qualities I value.

What are your future ambitions for Ordina?

The job market is changing rapidly. Scarcity and flexibility play a dominant role. There is also more international competition for good candidates. The candidate funnel will decrease rather than increase, so we’ll have to increase our efficiency with a smaller group of candidates. Most companies still have a traditional approach when it comes to the recruitment process. And Ordina is no exception. We too will have to change. Ordina is a great company, and our most important assets are our people. It’s essential that we’re attractive, both in recruitment, and in the selection process. In recruitment, we’re stimulated by the innovative side of the job.

So, we need to make sure we use more tooling, to get more information up front. This is how we make life easier for the hiring manager, by offering a full package of information about cognitive skills, culture match and technical skills.

To further improve the quality of hiring, we will be focusing on sourcing and, at the same time, training hiring managers in interview skills and selling the job. Putting the candidate first, in a process aimed at speed and quality.

What requirements do you place on assessment agencies?

First of all, I think it’s important that an agency understands our challenges.

Secondly, I prefer a partner with an innovative nature. You can see that the candidate’s UX is really important, but many agencies still don’t realize this. Much of the tooling isn’t geared up to this. Very few agencies have done anything with gamification. Innovation is important, because our target group is extremely demanding. If we fail to innovate, in 3-5 years’ time we’ll have lost our target group. And then we’ll also lose our strength in the IT job market. That would be a disaster.

I think that if Starcheck is as accessible in 3 years’ time as they are today, still thinking with the customer and still relaxed, then it will be a really great organization. These days, the company’s flexibility is huge, and the team has enormous levels of mental energy. And the vision creation is strong. If they manage to hold on to that, in a setting with the right people, they’ll have a great company. And, if that’s the case, in my eyes the Starcheck will be one of the early adopters who will have put this new technology and tooling on the market. And so breaking opening the assessment market.

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