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How to select international top talent?

In order to further strengthen their ‘future-proofness’, it is important for ABN AMRO Clearing to select and train the right employees for the longer term. Not only for the Netherlands, but for all offices worldwide in Tokyo, Hongkong, Singapore, Sydney, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam.

That’s why ABN AMRO Clearing had developed a challenging job market proposition for international top talent. Part of this proposition was a training programme at Nyenrode Business University in combination with local and international study programmes, with projects at various departments within ABN AMRO Clearing.

“The young grads, adopted last year, within ABN AMRO Clearing bring in fresh thoughts and help us to find new boundaries ” – Jan Bart de Boer CEO, ABN AMRO Clearing

The customer’s requirements

In 2017, Starcheck provided the selection for the international graduates of ABN AMRO Clearing. ABN AMRO Clearing approached Starcheck with the request to set up an assessment centre that:

Angelica Verwijmeren, Global HR Business Partner, ABN AMRO Clearing

“The programme for the recruitment day in combination with gaming, suits the talented young graduates completely” – Angelica Verwijmeren, Global HR Business Partner, ABM AMRO Clearing

The Starcheck approach

Starcheck designed an assessment process that consists of 3 different steps:

The first step focussed on analytical skills. We not only considered the traditional psychological constructs such as inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, verbal reasoning capacity and numerical reasoning capacity, we also added creative reasoning to this first step. The test took place online and was available in several languages.

Candidates who achieved the predetermined level went on to the second step, where personality, motivation and integrity were assessed. With these candidates, the results of step 1 and 2 were combined in a competence-focussed report (based on the future-proof profile).

The third step was a live assessment, consisting of an analysis presentation assignment, an online game and a structured interview based on the online assessment. HR and hiring managers were specifically trained as assessors for one part of the assessment. This training for their role as assessor took place in the regions via video conferencing, bearing in mind the different time zones.

Following the live assessment, a final evaluation took place in each region, with support from Starcheck. During this evaluation, the competence-focused reports were compared with the live assessment results. The definitive ranking of all the candidates was determined during an overall calibration session.

“If you listen to new voices, you instantly get so many new brilliant ideas” – Jan Bart de Boer CEO, ABN AMRO Clearing

The result

Over 100 candidates were assessed in the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Australia and Singapore. Importantly, in all of the regions combined, 10 candidates were hired. Now that we are one year further, it appears that all 10 hires are actually seen as international talent by the business. An additional result is that there has been no employee turnover among these 10 hires. In short, the perfect match has been achieved through the assessment process.

This is reason for ABN AMRO Clearing to select 10 international talents with the same assessment process this year. The international recruitment is now underway, the first round of the assessment starts early June 2018.

The hiring managers, who were involved as assessors last year, indicated that they had learned a lot in their role as selector. The enthusiasm among managers to participate as an assessor again this year is great.

 “The changing elements of the assessment and the involvement of the organisation make it an interesting journey for the candidates and our managers” – Angelica Verwijmeren, Global HR Business Partner, ABM AMRO Clearing


About ABN AMRO Clearing

ABN AMRO Clearing is one of the world’s leading providers of clearing and financing services for listed products. The organisation offers and integrated approach for global transaction processing, financial logistics and risk management. Its origins go back to the 1980s, when the first European Options Exchange opened in Amsterdam. Previously, operating under the brands “Mees Pierson” and “Fortis”, the organisation has rebranded as ABN AMRO Clearing.

ABN AMRO Clearing clears and finances more than 16 million transactions a day and serves 90 of the world’s leading stock exchanges in Europe, the United States and Asia. ABN AMRO Clearing constantly ranks among the top 3 clearers in every major time zone, in terms of both turnover and market share.

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