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PAM for games

PAM (for nerds)

The graphics are what make a game cool. That’s what design studios are for. And PAM is what makes a game useful. And that’s what we develop at Starcheck. PAM stands for Psychometric Attribute Measurement system. We know it sounds nerdy, and it is. But it’s important to know what you want to achieve with serious gaming.

To assess behaviour, we combine proven concepts from psychology with great gaming concepts. We come up with innovative ways to gamify psychometric values, so that serious games can provide valid insights and results for sourcing, recruitment and talent development. We determine which information is sent through to the back-end as the candidate is playing the game, and what feedback the player receives.

It might not sound as sexy as having blue unicorns fly, but this is what Starcheck is good at. And that’s why we design PAMs for game designers and their clients.