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Starcheck: our background

Starcheck is the story of Bas Spaapen and Marco van Aarle. Each of them has around 25 years’ experience in their field: Bas in recruitment; Marco in assessment. Bas as Managing Director of Staffplanning Groep, and Marco as co-founder of Kenhardt and HRorganizer. Bas saw the increase in the use of talent assessment as part of the final stage of recruitment processes. He also saw the disappointment of candidates being turned down after having got so far. At the same time, Marco was getting more and more requests from clients such as Unilever, Capgemini and ASML to apply assessment in a way that was more candidate-friendly. In other words, to integrate it in the whole process, not just at the end.

Their combined experience, knowledge and insight has given Bas and Marco a vision of the ideal role for assessment. They also understand how this role has changed as attention has shifted more towards the candidate’s journey and candidate experience. Together, Bas and Marco are now turning assessment into a driving force behind the entire process of sourcing, recruitment and talent development, complementing each other’s skills and experience as they go. They both share a passion to improve and a constant will to innovate. Starcheck is their story: a story of innovative assessments and serious gaming; robust on the inside and challenging on the outside.

“What I’ve mainly seen over the many years I’ve been working in this field is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘average’. The effect of having the right people in the right place is something you shouldn’t underestimate. It’s huge. Exponential. Even if you just put better people in key positions, the knock-on effect is unprecedented. Setting up the chain in such a way that the people you hire make a visible contribution to improving company results, that’s what motivates me the most.”

Bas Spaapen

“I get my energy from innovating and improving. I want to be ahead of the pack, with new developments in the assessment industry. Talent is scarce, but that’s what makes the difference everywhere. This is forcing every organization to think hard about its labour market proposition and candidate experience. I believe it’s all about designing the optimum role for assessment as part of this process.”

Marco van Aarle