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Starcheck serious gaming

War for talent? It’s game on!

Discovering and developing talent is no child’s play. However, good use of serious gaming provides you with an immediate advantage in the battle for talent. Serious games are attractive and innovative instruments for sourcing, recruitment and talent development. Starcheck uses games in talent assessments for clients. We also design our own Psychometric Attribute Measurement systems (PAMs) for serious games. PAMs are the perfect way to translate psychology principles into relevant and measurable concepts for recruitment and assessment games, Situational Judgement Tests and our own talent development portal. This is how we ensure that you and your candidates score serious insights thanks to serious gaming.

Starcheck can help you in the design of tailored concepts to meet your requirements. We can also provide full support during the selection of the right tools and construction of:

Recruitment games

  • Players discover a business and a position in a virtual environment
  • Player self-selection: will I be suited to this organization and these positions?
  • Starcheck provides concept development and supports the purchase and construction process

Download our whitepaper “7 differences between recruitment games and assessment games”

competenties testen

Assessment games

  • Perfect for measuring aspects of intelligence, personality, competences and other attributes
  • Ideal for building talent pools
  • Interested in what an Assessment Game could mean for your organization? Take a look at the Walnutt case, and contact us for information about this innovative new area of talent assessment.

Download our whitepaper “7 differences between recruitment games and assessment games”

Situational judgement tests (SJT)

  • Players select the best solution for relevant problem situations
  • SJTs measure content knowledge and the candidate’s understanding of competences
  • SJTs are susceptible to socially-acceptable answers that often limit their validity
  • Starcheck designs valid measurement concepts for SJTs and advises on application possibilities.

Talent development portal DEX

  • Develop skills and competences by practicing with an extensive portfolio of serious games in DEX
  • From project and stakeholder management to procurement and sales
  • By playing the Starcheck games, gamers build up an expanding competence profile
  • The DEX portal provides the gamer with insight into roles, learning topics and competences
  • DEX is a joint project by Starcheck and &ranj serious games