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Starcheck uses cut-e psychometric tools via the HRorganizer.com platform. Our tools meet all the scientific best practice standards. By using as many adaptive tests and questionnaires as possible, we’re able to cut testing time by 40 to 60%. Item-generation and item-banking techniques means our tests and questionnaires are also ideal for @home use. By asking candidates about the test conditions before and after the tests, we ensure that we establish their test conditions and can optimize them if necessary. In the case of suboptimal conditions, we can offer the test or questionnaire again, without the results being affected by the fact the candidate has completed the test or questionnaire before.

  • cut-e is the global market leader in innovative online psychometric tooling
  • 12 million online assessments each year
  • 70 countries, 40 languages
  • Scientifically robust. This is safeguarded by continuous standardization and validation studies in collaboration with industry and academia
  • Certified by Det Norske Veritas, in line with the framework of the International Test Commission


Our assessments have been set up according to the best practice guidelines of the International Test Commission. Our methods ensure that several competences or characteristics are always mapped using multiple tools. Whenever role playing is used, there are always multiple assessors involved. We also apply the professional ethics code of the Dutch Association of Psychologists. We prefer to focus on competences, as we know, for each competence, which are generally easy or difficult to develop. So we measure each candidate’s underlying potential to develop the competences you’re looking for (sign methodology) using psychometric tests and questionnaires. We combine assessment exercises and serious gaming with competence-based and expert interviews to collect evidence on the proficiency level per competence (sample methodology). This combination of generic development potential per competence, specific development potential of the candidate, and an overview of the current proficiency level leads to robust estimates.

 Serious gaming

In our assessments, we make use of serious games. For this, we use the DEX serious gaming portal that Starcheck has developed together with &ranj. Assessment gamification is a fast-developing discipline within the assessment industry that is expected to help organizations connect more effectively with the new generation of talent. In addition, serious gaming is expected to improve the objectivity of assessments, by increasing inter-rater reliability, curbing socially-acceptable answer tendencies & self-deception, and also by reducing the fear of tests. Starcheck uses serious gaming as an additional instrument to support our extensive assessment methodology. And we are continuing to work with &ranj, to further develop serious games that focus on assessment applications. In this unique partnership, Starcheck is responsible for the psychometric concept, the associated psychometric attribute measuring system, as well as the validation study. Learn more about our latest game (Walnutt).